Application For Service:

Applications for service shall be made at the Bear Creek Water Association business office during normal business hours.  The applicant will be required to sign our “Water/Sewer Users Agreement”.  The applicant should bring a copy of their warranty deed or lease agreement, identification such as a valid driver’s license, and must pay all applicable fees and deposits.  If sanitary sewer is not available and on-site sewer treatment will be utilized, the applicant must also bring a copy of the Mississippi State Department of Health Form 335 E.  This form is the Permit/Recommendation document proving that a Notice of Intent has been filed as per Section 41-67-5, Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated.

All requests for service other than a standard residential meter for a single-family residence shall contact Bear Creek Water Association to discuss the level and quantity of water and sewer service desired.  This might include peak flow, minimum flow, average flow, wastewater constituents, or required pressures.