Nolan Williamson General Manager
Mike West Financial and Accounting
Judy Richardson Customer Service Manager
Rita Talkington Customer Service
Britt Wharton Customer Service
Debra Temple Office and Accounting
John Grant Engineering
Robert Richardson Engineering
Melvin Spell Engineering
Adam Dinkelacker Project Inspection
Farris Gibbs Operations Manager
Jill Vaughn Water Operator
Susan Quertermous Maintenance Office
Zach Hatten Utility Locates
Keith Hutchison Utility Locates
Josh Slaton Utility Locates
Sam Buc Maintenance
Tommy Cook Maintenance
John Craft Maintenance
Austin Davis Maintenance
Greg Davis Maintenance
Keith Davis Maintenance
Jack Gibson Maintenance
Scott Lyon Maintenance
Ricky McCraw  Maintenance
Blake Mitchell Maintenance
David Roberts  Maintenance
PJ Smith Maintenance