Do you ever take for granted the clean, fresh water delivered to your faucet every day?  Bear Creek Water Association employee Keith Hutchison does not, and early in 2016, he made the decision to take a week of his personal vacation time to travel to a poor section of Haiti where clean drinking water did not exist.  The plan was to help construct a well, some underground piping, and a small elevated tank.  The locals would assist by digging their own pipe trenches, and helping with the installation.  Keith traveled from Mississippi with a group of fellow Mississippians who had experience in construction and engineering of water systems.  While in Haiti, they worked tirelessly to construct a system that would be functional and self-sustaining.  They also helped train the locals in the operation of the system.  Bear Creek Water Association is proud that we could help sponsor Keith’s trip, and we are pleased to be a part of helping bring clean drinking water to those who do not have it.  We are excited to have Keith Hutchison as part of our team here at Bear Creek, where he makes a difference for our customers each and every day.  See our photo gallery for pictures from his trip.